During these transformational times, it’s more important than ever to discover ways to be happy, feel happy, and share some happiness with other people. But recent surveys show this may be harder to do than we think.

Results from an NBC poll from last fall found that, compared to the 2018 results, about twice as many people report being lonely. Another survey called the Ipsos Global Happiness Survey 2020 found that only six out of 10 people across 27 countries report being happy despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s time to get happy. And these four areas are the ideal place to start thinking about goals that encourage a happier, well-balanced life in 2021. Check it out.

Set Goals to Improve Health

A long and happy life begins with good health, so it’s important to set goals that challenge your bad habits and encourage better lifestyle choices. One of the most consistent goals to appear on New Year’s resolutions is weight loss, and that is certainly a worthwhile goal. But this year, why not approach weight loss and healthy living differently? 

For example, Lantern Bay Apartments is part of a community filled with scenic walking trails and parks, so why not figure a healthy nature walk into your daily routine? Here are some popular trails to choose from. 

Here are some more healthy goals:

  • Park your car in the furthermost corner of the parking lot and walk.
  • Make a healthier version of dessert. 
  • Set an alarm to go to bed. 

Set Goals for Building a Better Relationship

Humans are programmed to be social. We need that emotional connection with others. So setting goals to improve those relationships is important. “When you have real relationship goals, it encourages you and your partner to set the bar higher which will make your bond stronger, and ultimately result in a truly happy relationship,” explains the relationship expert team at powerofpositivity.com

Here are some popular goals for improving your relationship:

  • Learn to argue effectively.
  • Communicate meaningfully and thoughtfully.
  • Always consider how the other person feels. 

Plan Goals for Professional Success

It’s been a challenging year for those seeking to further their careers. But a change in our work environment shouldn’t prevent us from setting goals for professional development. Whether you are job searching or hope to encourage upward mobility at your present job, now is the time to build some business skills. 

Here are some ideas for professional goals:

  • Improve public speaking skills, and practice delivering presentations.
  • Develop better time management skills.
  • Learn a new skill or software program.

Establish Goals to Celebrate Your Spiritual/Inner Self

Why is it important to set goals for developing a healthier spiritual self? Because our bodies need that connection to something greater than ourselves. “We take so much time to learn about our world and how to survive but less time to learn about ourselves: who we are and what we want,” says Leon Ho, founder and CEO of Lifehack. “Spirituality can help you reflect and connect to your source in order to gain deeper knowledge about the purpose of your existence.” A strong spiritual self has a positive impact on other aspects of your life, so make these goals a priority. 

Here are three of the most popular goals for developing a meaningful spiritual self. 

  • Give back every day. 
  • Start a daily gratitude journal.
  • Practice forgiveness. 

“Come on, get happy,” sang The Partridge Family, a chart-topping pop group from the 70s. “A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’. We’ll make you happy.” That’s good advice. 

By setting goals that focus on adding happiness to different parts of your life, you’ll be on that same pathway to a happier self.